The Patient Experience

Often before they visit your office (unless Traumatic injury) they have tried multiple products, modalities, and visited countless experts. They’ve bought products on Amazon, from their local pharmacy, sporting goods store, and even an infomercial. Still, nothing is working, and they come to you. Don’t send them back out there; give them something different, with sound science, and clinical efficacy.

The feeling alone when putting on Reparel will be far different than what they have worn previously. It will slide on with ease and stay up without any feeling of a squeeze. Of course, there may be a proprioceptive element to their perceived benefit but often there are immediate effects that can be experienced, especially when inflammatory symptom, heat, is present.

What will the patient experience?

Since the products catalyst is body heat… the more inflamed a patient is, the faster they will notice and feel the difference of Reparel. Some users will notice a difference in less than 20-minutes but often best results will be experienced within the first 24 hours of continued use. Which is why we recommend you instruct the patient to put on immediately, at the office, in front of you, the physician.

Often, patients will notice an immediate sensation. They may describe as tingling, cooling, or warming depending on the body and inflammatory condition they have. Reparel stimulates the increase in blood flow or circulation which can have immediate effects but often long-term results. Not all patients will experience this quickly, it can take 20 minutes to a couple hours before they notice a difference and often they may forget because the ailment symptoms itself are less noticeable.

For more ongoing issues, we recommend continued use and especially recommend the patient sleep while wearing Reparel to passively enhance the recovery/healing process.


Our greatest feedback comes form patient’s who have finally found our product. They talk about how much they love wearing the product and what a superior option it has become to their old compression garments. Our product is comfortable and effective, promoting a level of compliance never before seen from patients recovering from surgery. This leads to less phone calls, drop by office visits, but most importantly, increased recovery due to Reparel’s ability to promote the body’s natural healing process.

Patient with TKR (Total Knee Replacement): developed painful swelling 4 days post-op which necessitated stopping PT (Physical Therapy)—made him bedridden in tremendous pain.

Placed him in long-leg Reparel therapy. Pain and swelling resolved within 24 hours. Patient was extremely appreciative of the treatment and remarked that it was incredibly easy to apply—compared with the compression stockings he had seen his parents, and others, struggle with.
— Dr. Michael J. Maynard, Hospital for Special Surgery