Reparel’s Point of Difference

Reparel is unlike any other product currently on the market. Although in the form of a simple sleeve it does not compare by function. The effectivity of the product is of course the underlying difference between other sleeves, soft braces, or compression garments. Reparel aids the body’s natural healing process, it is not supportive nor restrictive. It can be worn before activity, during activity, post-activity, or during no activity (at rest) which can often be most effective.

For common ailments, beyond the effectivity… Reparel is breathable, moisture wicking, form fit to prevent migration and bunching. The opposite are common complaints associated with typical elastic compression garments or neoprene sleeves. There are currently thousand of sleeves and supports and not one rises above the rest, since Reparel. Perhaps some others stand out with the inclusion of copper and aggressive promotion to the mass market but they have no validity to their claims and in fact rely on a material that has been disproven on multiple occasions for the improvement of physical health.

Since our technology’s emphasis is on the healing/recovery process, we are not a support or brace. Reparel will often go unnoticed when worn for long periods as it is lightweight and low profile, enough to be worn underneath your regular clothes. Since Reparel is breathable and moisture wicking, wearers do not get hot or sweaty. Also, the effectivity of Reparel is in itself thermo-regulating, so when hot Reparel will provide a cooling effect/sensation, and when cold Reparel will provide a warming effect/sensation. This provides a relieving effect for various types of inflammation.

In a post-operative setting, we often see the use of compression wraps and/or gradient compression stockings. Although this may be useful in the initial acute inflammatory phase… it is not proven to be effective in the management of swelling post-operative and often the cumbersome nature of the on/off application and discomfort associated lead to poor patient compliance. Reparel is easy to take on and off and by increasing blood flow, able to help remove waste and bring nutrients to progress the inflammation process forward and therefore reduce cardinal symptoms of inflammation without burden/squeeze of compression.

Gradient compression was originally designed for lymphatic and venous disorders when patients have a chronic condition that leads to poor fluid return. Due to the correlation of swelling from orthopedic surgery and the fluid accumulation associated with those chronic conditions, there was an intuitive (at the time) transition to the management for otherwise healthy individuals with normal healing function when inflamed post injury/trauma/surgery, yet unnecessary. In fact, beyond the already poor compliance and relative discomfort, the risks associated with poorly fitted compression can far outweigh the benefits.

Another key point of difference to Reparel yet less emphasized by product comparison, is it’s distribution. Since day 1, Reparel is committed to demonstrating the science and medical efficacy and as part of our core principles we do not seek quick sales from mass-market infomercial campaigns, retail in physical storefronts, or through online re-sellers that compete solely on price. To maintain its integrity and protect the integrity of the physicians we work with, Reparel is not on or large retailers which protects both price and reputation in working with Reparel.