Our Proprietary Fabric

The fabric from which we construct our sleeves is composed of multiple different fibers, specifically synthetic fibers that incorporate finely processed, non-metallic, elemental semi-conductor nanoparticles chosen specifically for their relative efficiency at transmitting energy. A three-dimensional weave allows us to create a product that is durable, comfortable, and perfectly fit for maximum contact and exposure of the active material to the skin surface. 


How it Works

The process by which the product works begins immediately after application. Your body heat (thermal energy) acts as a catalyst to initiate a chemical reaction. The outermost electrons of the aforementioned nanoparticles will transition from a ground (natural) state to an excited state. By virtue of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, as they return to the ground or natural state, they must emit an amount of energy equivalent to what it took to get them to the excited state (this accounts for the accelerated reaction time we have observed in very inflamed joints/limbs – greater thermal energy in = greater photonic energy out). This excess energy is released as photons, or particles of light, along a spectrum of frequencies. Specifically, wavelengths of this emitted light in the near- to mid-infrared range of the spectrum (approx. 700 to 8,000 nm) have been shown in numerous studies an ability to penetrate certain tissues.  


The Physiological Response (Theorized Mechanism of Action)

Once penetrated, this Infrared light is capable of affecting physiological change, specifically at the cell level within the mitochondria. There are multiple theories as to what specific physiological processes take place when cells are exposed to these wavelengths of light, however the most widely accepted is the accelerated production of ATP by virtue of the terminal enzyme (cytochrome C oxidase) of the electron transport chain (the driver of ATP synthesis) acting as a photo-acceptor. This, in turn, promotes better cell metabolism /respiration and better circulation either within the subcutaneous tissue if we are addressing acute inflammation (post-op), or at the deeper, supporting tissue level if the goal is mitigating the effects of the ischemic cascade (inadequate blood supply) that lead to cell death, chiefly: pain, swelling, inflammation, and eventual loss of function symptomatic of both repetitive-stress and chronic, degenerative conditions like OA, tendinopathy, etc. 


Observed Outcomes

Our customers have consistently reported the following results after wearing Reparel Sleeves:

  • Reductions in pain and inflammation symptoms that were associated with the following conditions:

    • Osteoarthritis

    • Tendinopathy (tendinitis/tendinosis)

    • Plantar fasciitis

    • Carpal tunnel

    • Repetitive stress/overuse injuries

  • Relief of sporadic pain and swelling associated with older surgical procedures (5+ years), especially ACL surgeries

  • Significant reductions in acute, post-operative lower extremity inflammation

  • Better sleep (by virtue of not waking up in pain multiple times)

  • An accelerated post-surgical recovery and return to full activity