Post Operative Recovery

It wasn’t all too long ago that Reparel™ started breaking down the barriers associated with recovery from post operative swelling. All too often patients recovering from a total knee replacement are stuck with a dated approach to inflammation. Ted hose, NSAIDS, and cold therapy are limiting a patients path to a healthy and speedy recovery. Cold therapy, although useful in the treatment of post operative pain, Ice has been shown to slow down the healing process and the resolution of the inflammation process. Reparel™ was designed with this very idea in mind: Work WITH your body’s natural inflammation process to produce an accelerated, efficient transition from post operative pain to post operative healing.

Benefits from using Reparel Post Surgery:

  • Comfort = Compliance: Reparel is more effective and more comfortable so your patients will feel better with something that actually want to wear day to day.

  • Better Outcomes = Happier Patients: With increased comfort and use, patients will equally enjoy the benefits of wearing Reparel with reduced swelling and pain, as Reparel drives the inflammation process forward to optimize the body’s natural healing response.

  • Proper Approach to Post Operative Pain: With the decrease in swelling we often have patients report less narcotic use and improved sleep which further helps in the recover/healing process. They are also able to stay on pace with rehab expectations since range of motion objectives can be achieved and often earlier than expected.

  • Together with ICE: By using Reparel in conjunction with ICE, Reparel can progress the natural inflammatory process that is often stalled by cold/ice treatment without compromising its use and effectiveness in managing pain.

Sports Medicine

Whether your patients are looking to avoid surgery or just coming off surgery, Reparel™ has a product designed to alleviate their discomfort. Patients will commonly ask for you to recommend something for their aching or chronic knee. Being able to confidently prescribe an item that not only works but it is extremely comfortable for them, regardless the severity of their ailment.

Our products are used by many athletic training programs across the country, including the NFL and NCAA. They use Reparel™ for everything from our Full Leg Sleeve on cross country flights to combat swelling to post ACL recovery both on and off the field. Our products have a variety of uses and there is no doubt our products can help keep your patients active and healthy.


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