Reparel™ Ankle Sleeves and Walking Boot Undersleeves are a great option for Foot and Ankle Professionals around the country looking to provide a comfortable, affordable and pain-free product that aids in the reduction of inflammation along with other acute and chronic issues. If you are a healthcare professional interested in the Reparel™ line for your patients, please contact us at

The Reparel™ line of non-compressive sleeves is designed to promote the resolution of the inflammatory response without utilizing the mechanical 'squeeze' typical of other garments. Reparel™ fabric is both soft and breathable, an extremely comfortable alternative to common neoprene sleeves and braces. Reparel™requires almost no effort to apply, is machine washable, and available in multiple sizes.

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Foot & Ankle


Ankle Sleeve

Reparel™ Ankle Sleeve is a superior option as a component of non-surgical ankle pain therapy for acute and chronic inflammatory conditions of the foot and ankle. It may alleviate symptoms commonly associated with plantar fasciitis. 


  • Non-compressive material is breathable and extremely easy to apply

  • Versatile, low-profile design is perfect for extended wear 

Recommended wear while sleeping for two reasons: 

  1. to capitalize on the body’s increased healing potential while fully at rest

  2. to counteract the natural reduction in circulation that occurs while sleeping.    

Indications: Plantar Fasciitis, Tendinitis, Osteoarthritis, Minor Sprains


Reparel™ Walking Boot Undersleeve is the perfect complement to any pneumatic walking boot: it facilitates an exceptional fit while also resolving inflammation and reducing some of the associated pain of acute foot and ankle injuries.

Use Directions: Wear as needed; can be worn 24/7 directly against skin. Designed to be worn in conjunction with a foot and ankle orthosis or walking boot. Continue wear as needed to reduce swelling and pain once brace is no longer necessary. Recommended wear while sleeping.

Indications: Post-Operative Swelling, Fractures, Severe Sprains

PDAC Code: L2840

If you are a healthcare professional interested in carrying the Reparel™ line for your patients, please contact us at