Economics of Reparel

We recognize that not only do new products like Reparel have to work clinically, they also have to work financially for the practice.

Reimbursable Products

Our full Leg Sleeve is reimbursable to both Medicare and private insurance as an addition code (L2397) to any hinged bracing. Our recommendation is to apply 7-10 days post-op as a replacement to Ted Hose underneath a range of motion brace in this circumstance.

Our Knee Brace Undersleeve is also reimbursable to both Medicare and private insurance as an addition code (L2397) to any hinged bracing. Our recommendation is to apply immediately when fitting for any ACL/Ligament bracing. The Knee Brace Undersleeve is also a perfect fit for Unloader Bracing and can also be billed to insurance using the L2397 code.

Our Walking Boot Undersleeve is reimbursable to most private insurance as an addition code (L2840) to any ankle-foot orthosis. Our recommendation is also to apply immediately to help alleviate pain and swelling when any AFO is fitted.

This model allows the practice to supply their patients with cutting edge, wearable therapy that alleviates both pain and swelling, improve the patient experience without coming up with any more money out of pocket, and open up additional an additional revenue stream that may have not been previously utilized. With our wholesale pricing to the practice and current state reimbursables, Reparel offers profit margins not commonly seen in the DME industry.

Cash Products

Reparel’s line of conservative treatment options are for those who do not yet need surgery but are looking for relief from chronic pain that has become a part of their daily lives. Often time the patient has “tried everything” and has finally come to the physician looking for a solution. Reparel offers both physician and patient a cutting edge, wearable therapy answer.

We offer a true wholesale model, the practice is able to set pricing based on the patient demographics, however we usually recommend keystone pricing.

The Amazon Effect

We have heard the story from physicians many times, they bought in to a product only to have it sit buried in a closet somewhere because patients can find it cheaper on Amazon. Reparel does not want you losing out on your investment and valuable inventory space. For this reason, we purposely only allow distribution of our products through select medical practitioners, respected industry distributors, and our website. This allows us to protect your investment and pricing so that you will not be undercut by any retail outlet, virtual or physical.